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Affinity was not created by myself, but is rather a case of where I took more of a "Producer" role as a Community Cartographer for Reach on another user's content. Created by Ray Benefield, Affinity is a Forge map visually based off Halo 1's campaign aesthetic. The map was larger than it looked at first glance and could host quite large games for what felt like a CQB experience. My role in bringing this map to matchmaking was discovering the content, then working with GP as the liason and test lead, digesting feedback from Bungie's sustain team and other Cartographers and sending it to the author himself for improvements and bug fixes. 

"Affinity is my second fully completed competitive map in Halo: Reach. It features a strong Halo: CE theme that will have you remembering the good old days of Halo. It is compatible with all standard gametypes except Invasion and Race. This is my best map to date and it boasts a very simplistic layout that is easy to learn and allow you to focus more on the gameplay than learning the map. If you want a map that is professionally done to perfection, then look no further my friends.

Affinity works best for 4-8 man FFA and 4v4 to 8v8 team games. And yes it plays well for both 4v4 AND 8v8. If you don't believe me, give it a try for yourself. All default gametypes other than Invasion and Race are fully supported on this map. The recommended FFA gametypes would be Slayer and Headhunter Pro. As for team games Team Slayer, Assault (Neutral and Multi), and CTF (in that order) play the best with Team KoTH being an honorable mention. Stockpile plays quite well also."

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