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FyreWulff Independent Software was founded in the mid-2000s by Michael 'FyreWulff' Kidder after the release of Kevin Loan and Mike's game Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams, after Michael wanted to branch out from RPGs to non-RPG games and projects. Michael originally made games under the game company name of "RPGCreations", which was the original group founded by Mike consisting of fellow indie game developers Mike enjoyed working with. The talented Paul 'RinkuHero' Eres took over the RPGCreations name and has done great work with it. FyreWulff Software is the the egotistically named banner that all of Michael's software has been released under since, whether a game or general computer software!

Michael 'FyreWulff' Kidder was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and grew up in the South Omaha neighborhood. While Mike has called Omaha home for most of his life, he has also lived in Canada and Oregon for short stints. The 'FyreWulff' screenname was first used in an AOL game in the late 90s and has stuck ever since.


Michael can be seen constantly dorking out on the internet about game design, Halo engine and design posts, human rights causes, and volunteerism.

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