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Community Cartographer

The Community Cartographers were a fully volunteer group that worked for Bungie and later 343 on delivering maps, gametypes, and playlist updates for Halo Reach and Halo 4 matchmaking. Recruited for my knowledge of the Halo engine and map design after writing the Halo 3 Spawn Guide, my tasks were varied. We were responsible for finding content, bringing that content to test,  acting as the liason between the map author and the Bungie sustain lead. In the 343 era, we were also responsible for testing the matchmaking updates themselves. I would bugfix maps, fix their spawns, and even miscellanous stuff like naming the Halo 4 Lockout remake "Shutout". This group tested and improved all of my abilities to act as a test coordinator, a map designer, a people-manager and project coordinator and creator. 

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