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Downlink is a special variant of the Certain Affinity map Condemned made for Halo Reach matchmaking. The initial version of this map is based off the Forge variant of Condemed called Uplink, hence the name of this map being a play on Uplink's name.

The overall idea of Downlink was to speed up the original map considerably. The shipping version of Condemned for Infection was very slow due to all the nooks and crannies about the map, making most matches end in a time-out. The low grav area also posed some problems since it made the zombie players especially vulnerable. I built a wall in the low grav area and make "jump catchers" to bounce zombies down into the room so they would not float helplessly above the door entrance. In addition to this, I blocked off even more small hallways to induce panic and movement in the human players. The gravity lift allows zombies to launch themselves right into or past humans attempting to camp the back ledge.

Due to how DLC selection worked in Halo: Reach, this is likely the rarest map to actually play on in the game, even at the height of it's population.

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