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FyreCMS is a fully featured Content Management System created to overcome the shortcomings of many existing blog and content management software suites available today. It even powers fyrewulff.com , the very site you are looking at now! It not only comes with all the features one expects - auto publishing, auto depublishing, easy media upload, etc - but packs a few innovative and unique features to make content creation easy and even multi-author capable. While most usage would be expected to use the blog functionality only, FyreCMS also supports being hooked into game engines, game stats interfaces, and any other use you can think of. If you would like FyreCMS to power your site today, inquire via email. FyreCMS is also planned to become a generally available software you can download in the future. Not only is is great for content makers to use, it's super light code wise and even programming with it should be enjoyable!

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