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Halo Reach Battle Royale

Halo Reach™ Battle Royale™ is the hottest, newest, and also oldest, Battle Royale™ game on the market! Battle across Halo™ Reach™ Battle Royale™'s main map of mayhem, the Forge World™ map from Bungie™ and Microsoft™ Studios™. Dug out from the secret project files supplied by the secret agent "Tom Morello™", this mode was all ready to ship in 2010 with the game's release, but was cut for being too awesome and ahead of it's time.


It is now available for FREE by simply searching Halo Reach for the gamertag "FyreWulff", and then grabbing the "Halo Reach Battle Royale" gametype and "Battle Royale" map from the fileshare. You can even further modify the map in Forge™ to your liking.

Players begin the Battle Royale™ in The Gulch and work their way towards The Island™ . The game features a full game of 100 people, minus 84, for a total of SIXTEEN PLAYER TACTICAL BATTLE ROYALE ACTION™ on Xbox LIVE™ or LAN on an Xbox 360™ or the Xbox One™, The All-In-One Entertainment System from Microsoft™. You'll have to keep your wits about you as the hill moves and shrinks across the landscape - stepping outside of the hill will decrease and eventually remove your ability to deal damage to those players inside of it. The game is one once a player manages to elimitate all of the other players in the game, or all players but one are present in the hill, at which point the player will imediately win The Game™ as the Hill™ awards them The Points™ needed to win the game.


At the start of the match, the players can either select the Assault™ loadout, which gives you a DMR™, Repeater™, and Sprint, or the Tactical™ loadout, equiping the player with Activo Camo™, a Pistol™, and a Plasma Pistol™, for the masters of the previously cut-because-it-was-too-good-for-matchmaking gametype, Plasma Pistols on Waterworks™. 

Please note that due to how this gametype is set up, the social area works best with 12 people in the game. 16 people are supported, but things may get weird! Also note: at one point in the game, between the transition from the Gulch area to the Island,, the hill will move to an unreachable hill. This is the Hill of Moratorium, and is your moment to all pick spots on the Island before the game resumes.

"Halo Reach [...] is a game [...]" - Wikipedia

"Why" - Anonymous Microsoft Engineer

"Can we buy shares in this?" - Tencent

"I'd believe it more if it was Halo 5" - AzureJet

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