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Rebuilding Relay

As a Community Cartographer working on a volunteer basis for 343 Studios, I was responsible for various tasks related to matchmaking sustain after the initial launch of Halo 4. The sustain lead at 343 asked me to rebuild Relay for 343's upcoming matchmaking update. The map needed some exploit, geometry, and miscellaneous updates to make it viable for the current progress of the game. Relay was the on-disc shipping Forge (custom map) variant of the canvas Impact. This rebuilt Relay is available in the current version of Halo 4 on Xbox, or can be downloaded via the Halo 4 File Share website.

  • Make Relay viable for new gametypes and upcoming modes
  • Fix all known exploits and assumed future exploits, such as map escapes
  • "Spit shine" the map by fixing various geometry quirks
  • Optimize the map for framerate in splitscreen multiplayer
  • Update player orientation
  • Add more Objective-centric updates due to new discoveries in engine capabilities
  • Use Gravity volumes to block objectives from being tossed and reset out of the map
  • Soft and hard kills were entirely deleted and remade
  • Used 2 Safe Zones in an "upside down layer cake" pattern to help ensure players could not escape and then get under the map
  • Used very large dimension Hard and Soft kill volumes to prevent players from lagframing past the shipping thin kill volumes
  • Enhanced player orientation by using the object color functionality
  • Closed the windows on the large tube pieces
  • Replaced expensive UNSC object with physics locked Forerunner blocks on inward ledges
  • Added support for new gametypes
  • Added aggressive soft kills to the inside top of the base tubes, to prevent players from getting up on them with the Oddball or Flag

In the current version in Halo 4 matchmaking, the map's kill zones have a dimension of 34.3 and 11.7 units respectively, to reference 343 Studios and the Master Chief (Spartan 117)

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