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Sword of Jade

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Sword of Jade is a 2005 full length RPG created by Kevin 'Charbile' Loan and Michael 'FyreWulff' Kidder. Coursing over 20+ hours of gameplay, Jade's strong message and characters never let go of the player. Available for most platforms now, the game originally released for MS-DOS, having begun development in 1998. Ever present, the Jade Countdown instills a sense of urgency and intrigue. The world shifts and changes in real time - a full day/night cycle informs the player of the sense of urgency they must have. Every choice matters in Sword of Jade, for better or worse.
  • Full real time system with day/night cycle. Gameplay, townspersons, travel routes, and dungeons are all affected by the passage of time.
  • 40+ hours of gameplay
  • Every decision matters, either positively or negatively affecting the player
  • Full ability and skill customization system developed by Kevin Loan allows the player freedom in tackling the campaign
  • Loads of sidequests, secrets, and whispered tales.
  • Full soundtrack by multiple talented musicians
  • Supported with over 10 years of continous support and updates!

Sword of Jade was made using the OHRRPGCE engine. The engine is released under the GPL version 2 license, so you can download the source code to the binaries here. You can use the the latest version of the engine to edit Sword of Jade, or use the included editjade program.


The engine supports a fully featured scripting language. The scripts for Sword of Jade are available in zip file format here



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