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Uncongealed is the Infection (aka, Zombies) optimized version of the developer Forge map Uncaged for Halo Reach matchmaking. The main goal of this version of the map was to get rid of all of the annoying camping and exploit spots unique to Zombies on the map. As a secondary effect, a cosmetic 'apocalypse' aesthetic was also used to explain these changes. While some of the appearance may appear useless, every block used on this version is specifically designed to control a sight line or hold out position in a way that speeds up but makes Infection more fun for the players. This was especially challenging as the performance constraints of doing anything to this map meant that the entire aesthetic had to be accomplished with minimal new pieces added - this ended up working well for the destroyed appearance since any player could notice where any parts came from. A final pass was given to make the metal pieces of the map look distressed, bent, or warped to bring it all together. This map is currently still available in Halo Reach matchmaking.

  • Creatively blocked off more easily campable zombie movement options, ex the landing pad for the mancannon was blocked away from humans shooting it from back elbow
  • A new path was added under the back middle of the map to allow zombies to ambush humans from both directions
  • The broken bridge was broken upwards instead of downwards in the final version, to create an 'artificial horizon' that zombies could ambush from the other side from, and make it more fun to use their Evade ability
  • All glass pieces were replaced with the equivalent non-glass version to improve performance
  • The black and white filter was removed
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